Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

Pet Boarding

Discover the ultimate peace of mind with Russell Creek Pet Clinic & Hospital pet boarding services in Plano, TX. We offer personalized boarding experiences for dogs and cats, ensuring their comfort, safety, and happiness while you’re away.

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Supervised Boarding Model

Unlike large-scale facilities, we prioritize individualized care for each pet entrusted to us. With a smaller facility and veterinarian supervision, we guarantee attentive care and a peaceful environment for your furry friends.

Facilities and Amenities

Private Accommodations

Pets stay in spacious runs or kennels, with family members boarding together if they get along. Our cat condos are strategically placed away from the dog area to maintain a peaceful environment for our feline guests.

Exercise and Socialization

Pets enjoy supervised exercise and play sessions throughout the day, keeping them active and engaged. We also offer additional playtime sessions upon request.

Comforts of Home

Guests are encouraged to bring their favorite bedding, blankets, toys, and food to make their stay comfortable.

Day Play or Overnight Boarding

Our boarding services cater to day play and overnight stays for dogs and cats. We provide separate areas for dogs and cats, each offering spacious indoor accommodations and supervised playtime opportunities.

Services Offered

Flexible Boarding Options

Whether you need overnight boarding or extended stays, we accommodate your pet’s needs with flexible options.

Hands-On Care

Our experienced staff provides hands-on attention and affection to each pet, ensuring their well-being and happiness throughout their stay.

Medication Administration

We administer medications according to your instructions, ensuring your pet’s health needs are met during their stay.

Saturday Pick-Ups

For added convenience, we offer Saturday pick-up hours from 8 AM to 12 PM.

Extra Care for Dogs and Cats

For dogs, we now have artificial turf where they can run and play under the supervision of our attentive staff. Cats enjoy their own designated room, with options available for playtime arrangements upon request.

Boarding Requirements

To ensure the safety and well-being of all our guests, we require current protective immunizations, including rabies, DHLPPC, and Bordetella (kennel cough). Additionally, all pets must have a current negative heartworm and intestinal worm test to maintain our parasite-free facility.

Experience Peace of Mind

Trust Russell Creek Pet Clinic & Hospital for reliable and compassionate pet boarding services in Plano, TX. Schedule a tour of our facilities today and discover why pet owners trust us to care for their beloved companions while they’re away.